Chris Leigh
14 Jul, 2005

Pokémon DS release plans and details revealed

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Nintendo's bank balance must have dropped below the danger limit of $50 billion, as the company has today announced that Nintendo DS duo Pokémon Diamond and Pearl will be on shop shelves in Japan early next year. Both titles, which are, y'know, basically 'one' title (sort of, but we're not getting into this debate), will be released simultaneously, according to a report in Japanese magazine Comic Korokoro.

Meanwhile, a third game, provisionally titled Pokémon Ranger, is also expected to appear shortly after. Ranger, says the article, should have 'some sort of connection to a new Pokémon movie and TV anime series, though it's unlikely we'll see either of those in PAL territories (Let's hope Zordon makes an appearance - Ed).

As for Diamond and Pearl, both games will be set in a new land, but one populated by everybody's favourite, familiar Pokémon. Apparently, there will certainly be new Pokémon included, but there won't be any new types. Boo! Some form of connectivity is promised for the GBA and DS titles though, allowing for previous captured Pokémon to be ported over - presumably by putting Game Boy carts in at the same time as the DS card. Yay!

Finally, the touch screen will definitely be used during play in Diamond and Pearl and both will support up to 16-player Wi-Fi in some sense or other.

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8 years ago
I edited the article - Nintendo are not "toying" with the idea of including new Pokémon, it's a 100% cast-iron guarantee. icon_razz.gif

You can find the original scan of the interview here.
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