Mark Marrow
11 Jun, 2005

Lost in Blue Preview

DS Preview | Being lost never looked as fun as this.
Lets face it; people are intrigued when people are stranded on mysterious islands. The movie featuring Tom Hanks, Castaway made millions, and the hit TV series Lost is making a nice profitable margin as well. In this case, DS owners are welcomed to Konami’s revival of their Game Boy sleeper hit Survival Kids, Lost in Blue, a game that follows the story of two teenagers – a boy and a girl – who have been stranded on a deserted island and have to work together to find remaining survivors and to more importantly, survive.

In Lost in Blue, the game’s adventure is estimated to take gamers anywhere between 10-15hours, depending on how much you’re willing to explore and uncover. The game itself includes several different endings, which are based on how well you survive, how quickly you progress through the game and how well your relationship and dialogue goes with your fellow survivor. Replay value is also a large consideration for Lost in Blue, since in addition to the multiple endings you’ll be able to have a completely different experience playing as the game’s heroine once you’ve finished it as the hero – making the game a lazy 30hour quest.

During the game, gamers will have to make campfires, build equipment and hunt for food. Each of these simple tasks are presented in innovative mini-games that utilise the system’s features; for instance, to make a fire gamers will need to alternatively press the L and R buttons while gentle blowing into the system’s microphone. In another example, gamers will be able to use the touch-screen to hunt wild animals, cut their wood and prepare their food. Each mini-game is presented in various clever and inventive situations, making the simplest of task, such as collecting supplies, a compelling and exciting adventure.

Got hold off a big one there

Got hold off a big one there
Exploring the island is an exciting aspect in itself. Gamers can choose to adventure off on the island by themselves when they desire – maybe to collect some fire wood – but there will be other occasions where gamers will need the assistance of both characters to reach areas and obtain items. For instance, to climb up certain mountains gamers will need both characters to assist one another.

The system’s dual-screens will monitor the adventure’s action on the bottom screen, while all the vital stats such as health, muscle strength and day and time will be monitored on the top screen. These stats play an important role in what you can and can’t access during your adventure. For example, if your muscle strength is low you won’t be able to hike your way up mountains or carry heavy items. The only way to recover these stats is to eat food or drink water.

Could've been better I suppose...

Could've been better I suppose...
While Konami have kept rather quiet on further details on this game, we can’t help but to admit that the ideas incorporated into the game sound absolutely thrilling and exciting and we can’t wait to play around with them. Lost in Blue will be released late this year.
An exciting new adventure that promises for a lengthy and rewarding experience, as well as a fairly captivating one at that. While we’re left with the mysteries of what to expect, we here at PALGN can’t wait to get lost in Lost in Blue.

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8 years ago
Oh I didn't even know about this title until this preview...
Survival Kids was awesome back in the day and I wish I had my own copy of it. Knowing now that there is a sequel coming is a very interesting thing and is making the DS an even more enticing purchase. Animal Crossing and now this too? Bring it on. icon_biggrin.gif
8 years ago
I finally got yoshi (Japanese version, on special for $25 delivered from play-asia!), and I'd have to say this is THE DS game. Sure it won't last forever, but it shows the potential for the hardware is incredible. I'm totally addicted and have already spent 15 hours on the game, more then I am on games with 'more content'.
8 years ago
What does that have to do with Lost in Blue exactly? icon_confused.gif
8 years ago
Nothing, but it makes the DS an enticing purchase (from your comment).
8 years ago
Ah, now I'm with you. Well the game (Yoshi) was going to be a definite purchase for me anyway. There's quite a few games I want on the DS actually, but they aren't 'special' enough to warrant purchasing the handheld until Animal Crossing is released. Not to me anyway.
8 years ago
I took notice of this game a while ago. Frankly, this is everytthing Harvest Moon DS should have been (instead of the recycled GBA romp that it is), sans of course, the setting.

There's also a trailer over at Gamespot.com that features voice acting from the two characters. If voice acting is present in the game, I will be thoroughly impressed (moreso than I am already).
8 years ago
CerebralAssassin wrote
There's also a trailer over at Gamespot.com that features voice acting from the two characters. If voice acting is present in the game, I will be thoroughly impressed (moreso than I am already).
That's just for the trailer. All the in-game footage has had text-based dialouge. So unless Konami are still working on the voice-acting, I doubt it'll be in it.
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