Karl W
15 May, 2005

Pre E3 2005: Age of Empires DS details

DS News | Age of Empires is now turning portable and we have some new details.
Age of Empires DS will be a remake of Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings. Apparently, it will now be a "fast-paced" turn-based strategy game. There are 5 civilizations to choose from, at least 15 different types of buildings, and more than 50 unit types. A combat advisor will help you with tactics for battle during your campaign.

The five civilizations will be the Britons, Franks, Mongols, Saracens, and Japanese. Some hero units mentioned are Richard the Lionheart, Ghengis Khan, Joan of Arc, and Robin Hood. There are also over 50 technology upgrades to research.

In addition, wireless play has been confirmed. Up to four players will be able to link together using the DS's built-in wireless technology.

"Age of Empires has set the gold standard for real-time strategy games and its global audience continues to grow," said Ken Gold, vice president of Marketing at Majesco. "Our portable version provides an exceptional game experience by taking advantage of the new DS features..."

Age of Empires: The Age of Kings is current set to be released in the holiday season 2005. With a holiday release pending, it probably doesn't matter that Majesco's E3 lineup did not include AoE:AoK. We'll probably still see it there.

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8 years ago
icon_smile.gif is all that needs to be said.
8 years ago
That would be awesome to play in class with mates icon_biggrin.gif MMmmm yeah all the maths classes wasted away icon_razz.gif
8 years ago
If I want a fast-paced turn-based strategy game, I'll buy Advance Wars DS. The whole point of AoE is to build the better army, faster, and invade quicker. Can't see that happening with a turn-based system.
8 years ago
Does Microsoft have anything to do with this? (with the original AoK being a MS game)
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