Cody Giunta
18 Sep, 2011

New exclusive Pokemon to be made available via Nintenedo Wifi distribution

DS News | Raiders of the Lost Zoroark.
Pokemon Black and White is undoubtedly still going strong enough in popularity that Nintendo has decided to take advantage and release a special version of one of its new iconic Pokemon.

From 16 September until 16 October, a unique version of Zoroark will be available as a mystery gift via distribution centres at various EB Games, GAME and Toys 'R' Us stores.

The Zoroark, at level fifty, will come with the exclusive move 'Snarl' and be contained inside a Cherish Ball, enabling trainers to bond with it even more.

Further details, including specific store locations, can be found here.

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2 years ago
Bah, Nintendo will never learn. I don't know why they just don't toss these up on Wifi and forget these stupid store events which only ever seem to take place in cities. Looks like I'm missing out on this event icon_sad.gif
2 years ago
becasue the wifi distribution was done at launch (or just prior too) - this one has a unique move for collectors. The location page isnt loading, but I got mine from toys r us parramatta today - the on counter broucher does have "may also be available via wifi" in small print so we MIGHT see a wifi release after the inital store exclusive period??
2 years ago
^^ apologies - They had the Zoroak wifi event. it was in Feb 2100 for an event Suicune / Entei / Raikou whch you could trade into black/white for a Zoroak. OR you could evolve zoura from a event celebi.... this event is for a uniqe move Zorak for fans (and store promotion and sales of coure)

I'm more concerned about the lack of in-game berry farming. What happens when dream-world goes offline? I don't mind stuff like that as optional extras but not as part of core gameplay......
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