Cody Giunta
15 Oct, 2010

Mew available to download on the DS for Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver owners

DS News | You can stop looking under that truck now...
Pokemaniacs the world over can rejoice today, with the news that the ever-elusive Mew is now available as a mystery gift via Nintendo's WiFi Connection, to owners of Pokemon HeartGold and Pokemon SoulSilver.

The legendary 151st Pokemon can be obtained via the Mystery Gift option from today until October 30, and players must have less than three wonder cards in their possession to receive the fantastical feline.

This particular Mew is at level five and comes with the Premier Ribbon, which prevents trading via the Global Trading Station.

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3 years ago
What!? WHat? What's a wonder card and how do I get them!

*searches gamefaqs.
3 years ago
David No.1 wrote
What!? WHat? What's a wonder card and how do I get them!

*searches gamefaqs.
A Wonder Card is what you get for getting the mystery gift. So everytime you get a Mystery Gift from the Nintendo WFC you get given a Wonder Card that corresponds with it.

I just got my Mew then.

3 years ago
David No.1 wrote
What!? WHat? What's a wonder card and how do I get them!

*searches gamefaqs
I don't think that'd matter, it says you must have LESS than three. Meaning you should be good if you don't have any. icon_razz.gif.
3 years ago
^Nothing to worry about, Wonder Cards aren't needed to get Mew, they're something that you're automatically given when you get an event Pokemon and have details about them, such as when you got them, what the event name was etc icon_smile.gif

EDIT: What everyone else said icon_wink.gif Enjoy your Mews people!
3 years ago
I understood the headline then felt old.
3 years ago
Yeah, I'm not worrying, it was David whom I was referring to, icon_smile.gif. Got my Mew now, for the first time as I've missed all the opportunities for 'gift' Pokemon in all the other games...
3 years ago
Hey cheers guys. Bit of a misunderstanding... Should of read it properly.

Just got it myself! So I'm sweet. Time to chuck Heartgold back in the closet! icon_smile.gif
3 years ago
Mew is all I need to legitimately complete the national dex!

3 years ago
really? I got mine from pokemon ranch. I'm needing the celebi to complete my dex.
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