Mark Marrow
08 Oct, 2004

Nintendo announces three Pokemon titles for the NDS

DS News | Pokemon is headed to the DS.
Nintendo has today announced that three Pokemon titles are currently in development for Nintendo’s handheld console, which will certainly keep the hearts of Pokefans at ease.

The first is Pokemon Dash, a face-paced action/racing game. The game will take place on Pokemon Island and has players attempting to become the champion of the Pokemon Dash Grand Prix, rather than becoming the Pokemon Champion.

The game will make use of the dual-screen, touch screen and WiFi support. On one screen gamers will be presented to the in-game race whilst the second screen will present gamers to the map of the course. Gamers will be able to use the touch screen to ensure the direction of where their Pokemon goes, whilst the WiFi support will enable gamers to sit around with a bunch of friends and battle it out to the finish line.

Pokemon Dash has been confirmed to be using a unique feature that’ll unlock secret areas if the gamer owns a copy of Pokemon Emerald. The secret areas can be revealed by simply placing the Pokemon Emerald cartridge into the NDS whilst the Pokemon Dash cartridge is inserted into the DS console at the same time. The concept certainly sounds like an exciting idea that’ll continue production of Game Boy Advance games for the future, and something a little extra on the side.

The remaining Pokemon games announced were Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl. And that concludes our knowledge on those games. However, PALGN is assuming that the two games will be the latest RPG/Adventure games to be added to the franchise, because, well, it looks pretty obvious.

Pokemon Dash is scheduled to be released on the launch of Nintendo DS in Japan, with the game most likely to be released by the end of the year for American gamers. However, Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl are currently unscheduled for a release date. PALGN will have more soon.

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9 years ago
*Stamps on Pokémon Dash repeatedly for further promoting and concentrating on the stupid yellow rat*

Yay for Diamond and Pearl though icon_biggrin.gif
I need more info... icon_smile.gif

[Edit: WTF? Just realised that PALGN says "Platinum", not "Pearl". Where'd you get that from?]
9 years ago
Pokemon Dash eh? Sounds reasonably interesting...

I'm more interested in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl/Platinum (obviously whatever is released first, the latter will be released in the future as an update - much like Crystal and Emerald) though. The games could be quite awesome if Nintendo come up with some awesome ideas to utilise the DS's potential. Can't wait to see what they do..
9 years ago
Reinvent the series plz. Production values plz.

*is skeptical*
9 years ago
Hyperworm wrote
[Edit: WTF? Just realised that PALGN says "Platinum", not "Pearl". Where'd you get that from?]
What are you talking about? icon_whistle.gif

It was a bad translation. It was translating as Platinum, although it was later confirmed to be Pearl. Personally, I prefer the title Platinum.
9 years ago
icon_lol.gif Curse you and your admin powers!
Yeah, I think "Platinum" sounds quite cool, but we're in the gem/stone generation now, metal generation is over. icon_smile.gif

(Cerebral: Yes. icon_neutral.gif)
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