Mark Marrow
07 Oct, 2004

Final Fantasy III announced for the NDS

DS News | Square-Enix plan to release a second Final Fantasy title for the dual-screen console.
With the DS only a little over a month away from it’s debut to the public, more news has today surfaced on the announcement that Square-Enix plan to re-release Final Fantasy III for the Nintendo DS.

With the already announced Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles title announced for the console, Final Fantasy III will make it Square-Enix’s second Final Fantasy title to ship to the console within the next year. No doubt with both announcements, the NDS will certainly find a place in the hearts of Final Fantasy fans and RPG gamers alike. Square-Enix’s support for the Nintendo handheld will certainly ensure the console’s success in Japan, and respectively, Nintendo’s third-party support.

While little details have been announced on Final Fantasy III, we can confirm that the game will support the use of the dual-screens and touch panel – although information on how it’ll be used is unknown.

Stay tuned to PALGN for more information as it becomes available.

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9 years ago
Awesome news as far as I'm concerned. First Square remake (or were they just ports?) the first two FF games and now we get the third. Excellent news as I have only played the FF series on the two Playstation consoles.

Then there is that rumour that they're remaking FFVII, FFVIII and FFIX...
9 years ago
I was just thinking that.

All we need to do now is quietly move up the Final Fantasy rank and all will be good. icon_razz.gif

Given the first five games weren't the most accessible to younger generations (such as myself), this is a good opportunity to brush up on Final Fantasy origins. icon_smile.gif
9 years ago
I dont know if any of you guys have finished Final fantasy III <NES version> as of yet so I wont include spoilers , however I have bundled through a NES rom of this game and I have to say it is fantastically difficult. By far and away the hardest of any Final fantasy game.

If you have already played FFV for the Super Famicon <or FF tactics or FF tactics advance ... or even FF1 for that matter> you will be familiar with the "Job system", this is also utilized in FF3 <for the first time>.

However the game suffers from inbalance , as some jobs are far more powerful than others making 50% of the jobs seemigly pointless <such as the bard job which is utterly useless>

Im hoping that square do a lot of work to this game , as at the moment , the game system is very imbalanced . And also , they are not so bound by trying to keep the game as intact as the original for a few reasons,

1. No one cares
2. The game wasnt released outside of Japan
3. 99% of Japanese people havent played it either.

So effectively , Square could release a completely new game <replacing the old> and <apart from an extreme minority of people> no one would be more the wiser.

Needless to say , I cant wait for FFIII and NDS icon_biggrin.gif
9 years ago
About time we got an official translation AND remake of this game. Should be awesome. icon_smile.gif
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