Matt Bassos
06 Jun, 2009

E3 2009: Golden Sun DS Preview

DS Feature | A golden glimpse.
It's been a long time coming. So much, in fact, that many of us had given up hope of ever seeing this fantastic role-playing series again. But E3 is the time when even the wildest of dreams can, and in this case, do come true. Announcing the third installment of Golden Sun was on the way during their conference, Nintendo showed that Camelot are ready to jump back into this fantasy world again for the DS.

The original Golden Sun debuted on the Game Boy Advance eight years ago. The world of Weyard was introduced to us, as well as a band of magically attuned adepts. This latest installment will take us back there, following the descendants of the previous games' protagonists.

And while we can all let out a sigh of relief Camelot is back on track with the franchise, this E3 gave us only the smallest of glimpses of the role-playing greatness to come. Straight off the bat, the biggest noticeable change are the 3D visuals. The art style here is simply gorgeous, which comes as no surprise given the past titles. From the small amount of environments shown, things are already shaping up to be an epic adventure.

Golden Sun we missed you *sniff*

Golden Sun we missed you *sniff*
Unfortunately for us, it seems Camelot isn’t ready to give us an in-depth look of the new Golden Sun quite yet, because only small snippets of gameplay were shown from the E3 show floor.

Thankfully we saw the return of Djinns, a mechanic used heavily in the previous games to form character classes and used also against enemies through the use of summons. The visual effects from summoning Djinn were just as amazing and as large scaled as we remembered. However, this time around the DS hardware kicks it up a notch, with the footage showing impressive full screen special attacks on unsuspecting enemies. Another interesting aspect we noticed from the battle was the use of only three characters, rather than four used in the GBA games. Of course this could just be from an early part of the game, or simply a demonstration used for E3, instead of a permanent change.

We are excited for the new Golden Sun, as it’s been a long time coming. While it’s good to know it finally exists, it’s now an agonising wait for more to come. With a release date settled so far as a vague 2010, we recommend checking out the E3 trailer, again and again.

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4 years ago
I'm really looking forward to this. I have never played the other Golden Sun games, but after seeing this and hearing all the good things about the series, I want the first 2 games now.

From the footage I've seen, this could well be one of the best, if not the best RPG on the DS.
4 years ago
Golden Sun 1 & 2 were IMHO, the BEST GBA games at the time. Cannot wait for this.
4 years ago
I love Golden Sun. This announcement saved the Nintendo PC

What footage has the 3 character battles? I've watched the trailer many many times but there's only summon footage.
4 years ago
thank you so much
4 years ago
This was just such unexpected and fantastic news. Should be a game to give me a reason to play my DS.
4 years ago
so glad I picked the DS over the PSP.
4 years ago
Epic Win. Somehow managed to miss GS2- i think I hated my GBA by that point- but the first is one of my absolute fav. RPG's. This is a must-buy, probably day 1 purchase for me.
4 years ago
YES!!! I hope we can import our characters from Golden Sun 2, that would be awesome!

Added bonus: Camelot recognise that there's a space between the screens!
4 years ago
Sounds pretty cool, didn't know about the first two, might pick it up sometime, if my local EB doesn't keep it at launch price, or higher for the three years after its release, damn them and being able to put their prices up so high just because they are the only local one for a few hours drive away.
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