12 May, 2004

E3 2004: Nintendo DS Unveiled

DS News | Including the first shots of the handheld.
Nintendo has today announced the first photos of the Nintendo DS. In doing so it has also announced a lot of information to go alongside.

Looking a little different than we expected and sporting better graphics, the Nintendo DS will launch with some stellar titles.

The photo below shows Super Mario 64X4 running on the Nintendo DS. It looks to be a remake of Super Mario 64 except with the DS enhancements. Two screens allow the player to control the camera or take a closer look at the castle.

The second photo shows Metroid Prime Hunters.Metroid Prime Hunters will be a first-person battle game which uses wireless technology to connect up to four players simultaneously.

Each player gets a Metroid suit of a different color, and then tries to destroy the three opponents. Touch the stylus to the bottom screen to rotate the camera, aim and fire, or to transform into a Morph Ball. The game features the same artwork, sound, graphics, architecture and ambience found in the huge hit Metroid Prime.

Nintendo will be showing some other titles in video form only. These include Mario Kart DS, Animal Crossing DS, a new Super Mario Brothers title and Nintendogs.

PALGN will have more information on all of these games and the Nintendo DS as it becomes available.

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9 years ago
Great, can't wait for this beauty to come out. icon_biggrin.gif
9 years ago
Meh. Design sucks. Looking foward to the PSP more.
9 years ago
After first hearing about the DS, I thought that Nintendo had lost the plot, but this has restored my faith. Sure, the unit itself may not look too flash, but it has some funky features! icon_biggrin.gif
9 years ago
I love the idea of the DS, just so cool icon_biggrin.gif, touch screen to allow more precise movements, speakers to do whatever icon_razz.gif, every everything about it is just so cool icon_biggrin.gif.

As for the PSP, I am interested in it, but not actualyl having seen ANYTHING that the PSP has done on it's own, the PSP didn't run those games, and being used as a monitor and controller while the DEV Kits were actually processing the games, so the games probably wont look as good as those shown...
And the fact of the battery power, and I quote (from IGN) from Sony with a question regarding the battery life "oh, about 2-10 hours..." icon_rolleyes.gif
9 years ago
DeViE wrote
And the fact of the battery power, and I quote (from IGN) from Sony with a question regarding the battery life "oh, about 2-10 hours..." icon_rolleyes.gif
What a great approximation.

The PSP looks as big as the game gear. It's just not portable enough. I don't see myself buying one. The games don't seem that impressive so far either. Unlike the DS which is going to be so revolutionary, some of the ideas I have had for games are going to get made, and if they aren't I could just create them and set them up on my server, just stream them off it and play them around my house with the wifi capabilities. Least that's what I'm hoping.
9 years ago
Doomed to be an utter failure. icon_smile.gif
9 years ago
Haarball wrote
Doomed to be an utter failure. icon_smile.gif
The PSP or the DS?
9 years ago
9 years ago

Ok, the PSP is doomed because Haarball says to icon_razz.gif
9 years ago
icon_lol.gif yay for random cynical guest posts icon_biggrin.gif

(Neither of them will be doomed, btw. icon_smile.gif You know they'll both sell.)
9 years ago
I prefer the look of the DS, over the PSP, but visual appearance doesn't matter to me anyway. I'm getting both. icon_wink.gif
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