29 Jan, 2008

Crazy Pig Review

DS Review | A filthy game or a game all the kids will hog?
Ever since Nintendogs was released to huge acclaim and big success other companies have been releasing their own virtual pet simulators on the Nintendo DS. First there was Purr Pals, Ubisoft has their Petz line and now Mindscape has released Crazy Pig, best described as 'Nintenpigs' with some bonus mini-games thrown in but is the game any good or best thrown in the mud?

Before taking control of your pig you will need to name the pig, then select a colour. After you've done this there is a short tutorial and you're on the way to taking control of your pig. There is a small story behind the game, your pig has decided to gain some revenge on the wolf that has been hanging around the sty, so you will need to help the pig clean up the farm and drive the pesky wolf away.

Haven't you always wanted a pig?

Haven't you always wanted a pig?
The top screen displays four basic needs which will keep your pig happy: food, drink, cleanliness and love. By using the touch screen players can bring up basic essentials such as food, water or a brush to keep the needs meters full. Initially the player only starts off with a few basic essentials but more can be unlocked along the way. Giving your pig food or a brush down is as simple as just using the touch screen to drag the object over to your pig. If you want your pig to look a little more 'stylish' you can also choose the clothes option and dress your pig in some gear that you've unlocked, such as a bandana.

At the very beginning of the game the player's options are extremely limited. There are only a few objects to use on your pig and barely enough clothes, so more obviously need to be unlocked to keep the game flowing. There are seven mini-games and beating them will earn medallions which subsequently unlock more mini games and some more essentials for your pig. Not all mini games can be attempted immediately either, as the seasons change certain mini games will open up for the player.

The mini-games are a bit hit and miss. Some of the games do utilise the microphone, but not to great effect. There is a mini-game where you have to tap the pigs left and right feet and then jump off the roof which is relatively amusing, but there really just isn't enough to make Crazy Pig a title you will want to keep returning too.

We're still not quite sure why he is crazy...

We're still not quite sure why he is crazy...
Unfortunately that's really all there is to Crazy Pig. With only four options for taking care of your pig this part of the game ends up feeling a little tacked on, which is really quite disappointing for a game that proclaims itself as Nintenpigs. Ultimately there isn't a whole lot wrong with Crazy Pig, except those looking for a deeper experience (even equivalent to Nintendogs) are advised to look elsewhere. If the shallow gameplay and limited amount of options isn't a problem then Crazy Pig may be the title your younger child is after.
The Score
There just isn't all that much to do in Crazy Pig. The game isn't necessarily bad, most players will just have run out of fun things to do in less than a few hours. 5
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6 years ago
How come the new screenshots have the entire DS there, not just the screens?
6 years ago
Some publishers release DS shots, some release actual images, I much prefer the latter.
6 years ago
I know this is reviewed for Gamekids but I feel sorry for you Luke to have to be subjected to this game icon_wink.gif icon_lol.gif
6 years ago
I was expecting a sequel to Crazy Frog dammit.
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