Bev Chen
21 Sep, 2011

TGS 2011: Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney subbed trailer

3DS Media | No objections here.

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2 years ago
Wow the courtroom looks stunning, can't wait to play this!! Wonder if the story is canon with the Ace Attorney series.

I still want that 2nd Miles Edgeworth game though. Don't think we'll forget, Capcom. icon_sad.gif
2 years ago
This game is looking so good! It's the first time that we've seen both Phoenix and Layton in 3D, and they're very faithful to the 2D designs. I think this is becoming my most anticipated 3DS game! icon_smile.gif
2 years ago
I really don't want a 3DS... if this game gets localised I'm buying the fuck out of one.
2 years ago
I'm with Benza. Don't really want a 3DS, but man do I want this game. I'll probably borrow (steal) my cousins' 3DS and just buy this game. icon_smile.gif
2 years ago
Not sold on using 3D models. They don't jive with the beautiful animated cutscenes as well as the traditional 2D portraits, but hey what do I know? It's on the 3DS, right, so they have to use 3D somehow, I guess.

I'm not entirely keen on the mob witness system either. Part of the beauty in Ace Attorney comes from the strong personalities of the witnesses, and learning their quirks. I can see that getting lost in the mob mentality.

I wonder if the line "This time, even the puzzles are filled with contradictions" is literal and indicates a new element to the puzzles. Like, some puzzles are trick questions and contain contradictions that make them unsolvable, which have to be pointed out before you can solve them. I could see that being cool, or annoying.
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