Jarrod Mawson
16 Sep, 2011

Hatsune Miku Project Mirai trailer

3DS Media | Never getting localised, but what the hell.

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2 years ago
I saw the article and thought "really?", but then read the tag-line and laughed. icon_y1.gif
2 years ago
*sigh* Why don't these games get localized? They look like heaps of fun.
2 years ago
they are so popular that fans make patches anyway, that's how I'm playing Project Diva 2nd in english =D
2 years ago
Nendoroid-style. No doubt Miku Hatsune is going to help sell the 3DS.
2 years ago
Miku will help sell pretty much anything, she's huge in Japan. I'd say that the games don't get localised because all of the songs are in Japanese, so there's no point. That hasn't stopped me playing them though, they're actually pretty good. icon_smile.gif I even have the second PS3 one. There's an English version of the Miku vocaloid on the way, but I have a feeling that it won't change much, unless it really speaks English well.
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