Jarrod Mawson
01 Mar, 2011

Team Meat working on 3DS, Super Meat Boy goes retail

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While reading our delightful Super Meat Boy review, you might have found yourself thinking "Man! I wish I could punish myself on public transport!", and now it looks like you might be able to. We're not talking about sadomasochism, mind you, we're talking about portable gaming from the good folk at Team Meat.

According to Joystiq, Team Meat had a chat to journalists at the only-just-begun Game Developers Conference 2011. There they revealed four things; firstly, Super Meat Boy sales across both Steam and LIVE Arcade are approaching a very well deserved 400,000, and secondly, Team Meat has their gooey hands on Nintendo 3DS development kits, and are currently working on a project for the platform. Could this mean Meat Boy 3D is in the pipelines? One can only hope.

Thirdly, the planned WiiWare version has been scrapped. Lastly, and in better news, Team Meat will be releasing a retail package of Super Meat Boy for PC called the Super Meat Boy: Ultra Edition. The 'Ultra Edition' will come with a copy of the game, the soundtrack, a sketch book, full comic, poster, and the promise of more.

Super Meat Boy: Ultra Edition is scheduled for a release sometime in April, and is set to retail for US$20 (~AU$20).

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3 years ago

This news is freakin' excellent. SMB on 3DS is for yes, fancy retail edition is additional Yes! I'll buy it twice for Meaty goodies, 'cause that's just how much of a consumer whore / awesome I am.
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