Jarrod Mawson
23 Feb, 2011

New 3DS augmented reality games revealed

3DS News | Is this real life?
Followers of Nintendo 3DS news will remember Nintendo demonstrating the 'Augmented Reality' (AR) feature of the system. Using references cards combines with the 3D camera setup, the system is able to mix real time environments and rendered effects for interactive minigames, such as the target shooting game many will be already aware of.

With details of the 3DS retail package now available, people quickly caught on to the content listing; the 3DS would come with six Augmented Reality cards, as well as additional packed in AR games. However, Nintendo had only shown two or three demos to the public. What other games would be included? It seems Wired has the answer, revealing details of new AR games likely to be bundled with the system.

First up is a game called 'AR Shot', which can best be described as a combination of billiards and golf. Using the AR card as a reference point, this game will warp the terrain of whatever you're pointing the camera at into hills and valleys, which act as a obstacle course of sorts as players try and tap a ball into the goal.

AR Shot.

AR Shot.

Next up is 'Fishing', which is pretty self explanatory. Here the surface you are looking at is transformed into a rippling lake, and using the system's gyroscope players can tilt a fishing rod in and out of the water to catch fish.

AR Fishing.

AR Fishing.

Then there's 'Graffiti', a simplistic art based program, which allows players to access various visual effects, such as fire, and 'paint' them on the real-time environment.

On the simpler side of things, 'Star Pics' makes use of bundled AR Cards, each of which are printed with an iconic Nintendo character, including Mario, Kirby, Samus Aran, Link, and the Pikmin. Pointing the 3D camera at these cards will produce a 3D render of the character atop the card, which can then be posed and photographed.

Lastly, 'Mii Pics' offers a similar experience to 'Star Pics', instead rendering a 3D model of your Mii in the real world to be posed and photographed.

Nintendo are yet to give confirmation as to whether or not these are indeed the various AR Cards and AR Games to be bundled with the system, but with the Japanese release just around the corner we wont have to wait long to know for sure.

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3 years ago
Might need these for the first month or so lol
3 years ago
i started singing Queen when i saw the blurb, before i realised it was missing a word to actually make it the lyrics.
3 years ago
Perhaps they could include an AR game that, when you point the camera at an empty shop shelf, makes it look like there are actual games to buy.

This coming from a long time Nintendo fanboy...
3 years ago
ObsoletE wrote
i started singing Queen when i saw the blurb, before i realised it was missing a word to actually make it the lyrics.
THAT'S why I got BoRhap in my head suddenly.
3 years ago
lol @ crank. There are quite a few games. The problem is there needs to be that awesome 1st party nintendo game on release. This is the first time it has not happened. Street fighter is fine but it has been out on consoles for long enough
3 years ago
Hopefully the Graffiti game will allow you to take a picture, keeping the background and your design in the shot.
3 years ago
Here's a couple of shots of the Graffiti and model poser games.

3 years ago
wow thats pretty cool. Love me some toon link
3 years ago
I'm wandering if we can take pictures...
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