Jahanzeb Khan
10 Feb, 2011

Kid Icarus: Uprising Preview

3DS Preview | The Kid has become a Man...in 3D.
The original Kid Icarus can be seen as somewhat of a cult classic. It came out on the Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1987, and it was one of the many first party titles for the system. The game starred a young angel by the name of Pit and the basic plot and setting of the game was inspired by Greek Mythology. The game was extremely well received back in the day and still continues to receive praise from game journalists who love to get high on nostalgia. Interestingly enough, it was somewhat overshadowed by other big first party franchises, namely Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Metriod. Kid Icarus was a platformer shooter that emphasised exploration, and perhaps the best and most recent example of this type of retro platformer shooter is none other than Cave Story. A sequel to Kid Icarus was released for the Gameboy console in the form of Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters back in 1992. Since then, Kid Icarus disappeared but was not forgotten, and made an appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. This year, Pit is set to make a grand return on the Nintendo 3DS in Kid Icarus: Uprising, and at the recent Nintendo 3DS launch event we went hands-on with what may be the 3DS’s first killer application.

Kid Icarus: Uprising stars a new and improved Pit who once again goes up against the series’ main antagonist, the green lady with snakes for hair, none other than the iconic Greek monster…Medusa. Medusa looked hideous in past titles (and is generally ugly), but in Kid Icarus: Uprising she actually is quite…attractive. Palutena also returns again to offer support to Pit, both in terms of providing the power of flight and offering useful advice.

No sun gonna burn my wings!!

No sun gonna burn my wings!!
Kid Icarus: Uprising is a third person action shooter, and the build we played showed no indication of the platforming/exploration aspect of the original. It seemed to be running on rails, at a relentless and action packed pace with wave after wave of enemies, the objective being to shoot and beat up every foe. It may not look it in terms of character art and such, but this is a serious action title and not your typical light hearted Nintendo title. This was some extremely flashy and adrenaline pumping action.

Kid Icarus: Uprising is set to feature two main types of action stages, the flying stages and the ground based stages, and the build we played featured both types. The flying stage felt like a rail shooter, much like Star Fox and Panzer Dragoon, and basically required us to shoot everything and as simple as it sounds, it was actually quite fun and exciting. Once Pit landed on the ground the gameplay changed to that of a third person action title, the shooting mechanic worked similarly to the flying sections but this time we had more control over Pit’s movements and could also pull off some flashy melee combos at close range using his sword. The ground section we played was filled with enemies that felt the wrath of our relentless assault of projectiles and sword slashes. The demo build ended with a boss fight against a two-headed fire dog creature, and it was a fun and flashy boss fight.

The controls of Kid Icarus: Uprising have received somewhat of a mixed reception. The touchpad is used to control the crosshair for shooting purposes, while the digital controls are used to control Pit himself as well as for shooting and pulling off melee combos. It sounds uncomfortable on paper but we had very little trouble getting the hang of it and found it rather intuitive.

But this fire dog dude probably can....

But this fire dog dude probably can....
Visually, the game looked and ran really well, perhaps the flashiest looking 3DS game we’ve tried so far. While the 3D bar on the 3DS console was set to a max, we actually didn’t really notice the 3D effects because the action was so very chaotic and intense. It still however looked really nice and is perhaps the best showcase of the 3DS’s graphical prowess at this stage.

Of all the 3DS demos we’ve played so far, the Kid Icarus: Uprising demo has to be our favourite. We enjoyed the exciting and fast paced action, vibrant and flashy graphics and the control schemes actually felt pretty intuitive, something that would reward the skilled and patient. We quite enjoyed Kid Icarus: Uprising, and it’s already our most anticipated 3DS title.
Kid Icarus: Uprising revives one of gaming’s greatest legends in a big way, and is shaping up to be the first real killer application for the Nintendo 3DS.

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3 years ago
Great preview jahanzeb! This is one of my most anticipated titles for the year and though I'm bummed that I couldn't make it to the event I'm glad that it's got your seal of approval.
3 years ago
too bad this wont be out on release like I thought it would. Game sounds great only worry is maybe the length since games like this are usually quite short
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