Jarrod Mawson
20 Jan, 2011

Nintendo 3DS details emerge from Amsterdam and New York

3DS News | Bang for your buck or a whole lot of suck?
As soon as they began, they were over. The live events in Amsterdam and New York have wrapped up, and while the events were not particularly exciting they did give us some greater insight into the system's price, launch titles, online interface, as well as more. Most of this information can be found on the Nintendo of Europe website.

The first piece of news we'll report, and what is likely to please many Nintendo enthusiasts, is that Nintendo have overhauled their dreaded Friend Codes system into something far more appealing. While the numerical code system remains, it is now hardware specific rather than software specific. What this means is that much like other profile based networking services, gamers will only have to add a friend once. Once a friend has been added to a system, players will be able to see whenever they are online, as well as what game they are playing. This universal friend code system will allow gamers to be able to connect online to any shared multiplayer titles, rather than have to enter friend codes separately for every single piece of software.

Secondly, Nintendo's online service will include new software on 3DSware, as well as older games from GameBoy and GameBoy Colour on the system's Virtual Console. In a change from the norm, purchasing software will no longer be based on the Nintendo Points system used for the Nintendo Wii and DSi, and instead by cash based. However, it is possible that this cash based system may be similar to PlayStation Network, where gamers are able to buy blocks of money as well as make individual purchases.

Meager details were also released regarding the two networking features of the 3DS. The first, called StreetPass, is the automatic local area networking feature that allows the system to collect user data, Mii information, game information, and much more by simply being in proximity of other 3DS owners. The other feature, called SpotPass, has the 3DS automatically connect to WiFi hotspots to collect new data and information from the internet. A green light atop the 3DS will flash whenever new data is collected, letting you know there's something new to check out.

Box content has also been confirmed with the hardware package said to include the 3DS system and stylus, a charging cradle and cable to charge the battery, six AR Cards to utilize the 3DS cameras for interactive 3D games, and a two gigabyte SD memory card to expand data storage.

Finally, we come to launch date and prices. The 3DS will be launching in the United States on March 27 2011 at a RRP of US$250. Europeans will be getting it a little bit earlier, with the system launching on March 25 2011. Oddly, the European release is at no set price, allowing retailers to set whatever pricing they chose. A quick search shows some retailers such as HMV pricing the platform at around £230 (AU$368).

What does all this mean for Australian gamers? Not a whole lot, unfortunately. Local pricing is still up in the air, though with the United States and European pricing Australians could be looking at a hefty price tag attached to the system. We are also without a date, as well as launch titles for and Australian release.

Fingers crossed Nintendo of Australia let us know when the system will be on store shelves as soon as possible.

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3 years ago
Any more than $299 AUD is too much.
3 years ago
If it's more than $300 for Australia I'm gonna seriously consider buying from the US... Now I know why Nintendo have region locked the 3DS though icon_sad.gif
3 years ago
We always get shafted here. I guess I'll order from the US like I have since the PS2 days. *sigh*
3 years ago
More then $300? Of course it will be. Nintendo always jack up the price for the Australian launch. It will be at least $350 going off the UK price. Most likely $400 I think.

Good news on the friend codes and store changes. I can live with friend codes if they are machine based.
3 years ago
However, it is possible that this cash based system may be similar to PlayStation Network, where gamers ARE ABLE to buy blocks of money OR MAKE individual purchases using a credit card.
3 years ago
I'll be buying from the US. We'll be able to get it here inc shipping for AU$265 I reckon.
3 years ago
The prices I've been seeing from UK translate (currently) to ~$350 - I'd be pretty surprised if it could be had anywhere vaguely near launch from the States for that price point =(
3 years ago
ashlar wrote
We always get shafted here. I guess I'll order from the US like I have since the PS2 days. *sigh*
The DS was launched here for only like $50 more than the US. IIRC, it was $150US/$200 here. Of course that was the days before Australian's would buy any Nintendo product for inflated prices, so who knows what will happen now.

For me the price doesn't even matter. Going to wait for some good games first.
3 years ago
EB had an estimated local price of $350 so my guess is that will be the final price.
3 years ago
Can't wait until we get one in at work then.
3 years ago
Yeah, the Aussie price will certainly be much higher than the US price. I can't believe that in the UK it's £230, almost the same as the US price, despite the fact the Pound is worth so much more. Ridiculous, and it points to us getting ripped off as well.
3 years ago
Which makes me wonder whether we may see it here for $299. Anything's possible with the dollar the way it is now.
3 years ago
The 3DS no doubt is awesome and the games are stunning with the short battery life and region locking being the only issue for me.

AU299 local price day one purchase for me, anything more I'm out.

Please Ninty be reasonable.
3 years ago
NMANOZ wrote
EB had an estimated local price of $350 so my guess is that will be the final price.
By the same token, Game have estimated the price to be $398.
3 years ago
Well I'm glad you get some extra stuff to go with the 3DS in the box already.
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