Jarrod Mawson
07 Jan, 2011

Watch Nintendo World 2011 stage events live

3DS News | On your puny, inferior 2D monitor.
Nintendo World 2011 in Japan is right upon us. The event, starting on January 8 and running through until January 10, will mark the first time the upcoming Nintendo 3DS system will be made available for demonstration and play to the general Japanese public.

Not only will the show floor be paved with demo units, allowing eager gamers to get their hands on hotly anticipated titles, but a series of stage show and live demonstrations will be taking place. Taking place on three of the four days, these stage demonstrations will show off footage of games such as Metal Gear Solid 3DS, Resident Evil: Revelations, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Super Street Fighter IV 3DS, Nintendogs + Cats, and titles from Japanese developer and publisher Level 5.

While it is unfortunate that us Australians will be unable to attend the event (unless you're going to jump on a plane to Tokyo), website andriasang has confirmed that Nintendo will be live broadcasting the stage events on the world wide web. The event will be broadcast in Japanese, but those willing to sit through a language they dont understand will be rewarded with new gameplay footage of the aforementioned titles, including the first ever demo footage of Resident Evil: Revelations.

Those interested in watching can check out andriasang's event schedule to get an idea on what is showing and when, and then check out the live feeds when the time comes.

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3 years ago
On your puny, inferior 2D monitor.
I'd love to see how Denny responds to this.
3 years ago
You can watch it right now, here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/nintendo-world-2011

The schedule of events is as follows:

* Nintendo 3DS introduction showing Mii de Asobu (“Play as Mii”), and AR Games (All three days at 11:00am. Each day will have a different celebrity guest.)
* “Nintendo Music Live” (All three days at 12:30pm)
* 3DS game introduction featuring Metal Gear Solid Series (1st day at 1:45pm)
* 3DS game introduction featuring Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition/Yoshinori Ono (2nd day at 1:45pm)
* 3DS game introduction with Level-5/Akihiro Hino (3rd day at 1:45pm)
* 3DS game introduction featuring Kid Icarus/Masahiro Sakurai (1st day at 3:00pm)
* 3DS game introduction featuring Resident Evil Series (2nd day at 3:00pm)
* 3DS game introduction featuring Nintendogs + Cats (3rd day at 3:00pm)

The times listed are Japanese, add two hours to get the Australian time. Tomorrow is the second day.
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