Bev Chen
17 Oct, 2011

Professor Layton spin-off hitting iOS devices

Mobile News | Wait, Layton has a son?!
There's been a nice surprise from Professor Layton development team Level-5 in the form of a spin-off game, titled Layton Brothers: Mystery Room and it'll be coming to iOS devices.

As reported by Andriasang, Mystery Room was once an unrelated Nintendo DS title that formed part of the Atamania series of puzzle games. It seems that to give the game a little bit more exposure and oomph, the game was redeveloped to tie in with what is undoubtedly their best known series, Professor Layton.

Surprise number two then, is the revelation that players will not be playing as either Professor Layton or Luke; this installment sees gamers dropping into the role of Alphendi Layton, the professor's son and a top Scotland Yard investigator. He is joined by newbie investigator Lucy Creila and together, the two will solve various mysteries.

No further details so far, but we can only hope that it will hit iOS devices on this side of the world. For now, check out the game's official website and have a look at some screens below.

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2 years ago
Looks intruiging, even though I'm surprised that Layton would have a son. Here's hoping we see a localisation!
2 years ago
admeister wrote
even though I'm surprised that Layton would have a son
Just what are you implying icon_razz.gif?
2 years ago
he probbably has like 20 illegitimate sons, that man is all about tapping bitches.
2 years ago
2 years ago
themashedavenger wrote
It's a puzzle, if you work it out you'll figure out who his mum is.
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