All PALGN Competition Articles
Seize the siege.
Puzzle lords of the football field.
It would be a shave to miss this one.
You know you want it...
Are you a lucky winner?
A prize money can't buy.
Are you a lucky winner?
Cause a racquet if you win.
We like those odds.
Are you the lucky winner?
The race to the finish line is on.
It's on!
Power On.
Power On.
We'll even throw in a PlayStation 2 for the runner up.
Are you about to have an Unreal day?
Was your photo interesting enough to win?
We also have four copies of the game to give away.
Remember to bring your camera to eGames!
So was it you?
A concert you won't want to miss out on.
A prize to kill for.
With thanks to THQ and PALGN.
Well, Melbournites need something to do before the show.
Will you score the winning goal?
Become a super sleuth.
Courtesy of PALGN and THQ.
I can see the future.
Will you answer the call?

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