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Celebrating the return of the Ninja.
In your dreams...
Seize the siege.
SOCOM and get it.
Nostalgia is imminent!
Plasma Cutters at the ready...
Puzzle lords of the football field.
Contest does not involve puzzle solving... or robots.
We have ten PSN codes up for grabs.
Can you get a Slam Dunk?
An addiction worth winning.
An offer you can't refuse.
Another chance to win, win, win!
...comes with game and backpack! Sweet!
Including a copy of the soundtrack... nice.
Win the Collectors Edition for either PS3 OR Xbox 360!
It would be a shave to miss this one.
More free stuffs!
Includes free stuffs!
It's time to get creative!
Almost as many prizes as weapons in the game!
A very frightening competition!
Play the game first at a very special launch event in Sydney!
I choose you!
You know you want it...
Get some help with those Majini.
Just like a real pilot!
Are you a lucky winner?
One for the kids.

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