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Sit down for a quick bite with Cole McGrath.
We close off our chat by finding out just what the Naughty Dog employee thinks of the Uncharted movie.
In part 1, we sit down with one of Naughty Dog’s finest to talk all things Uncharted 3, the franchise's history and just what an FX artist actually does.
The developers talk about their Generation.
Sony take us to Alice Springs for Survival Camp.
And 1 4 E3.
Numbers don't work that way!
In preparation for another tight match.
Tekken Fighter Turbo REMIX.
Clearly this hedgehog is Generation S.
It's Trek, Jim. But not as we know it.
Don't dog it now.
Jackie, where have you been?
PALGN hits up killer ties and sharp suits at E3 2011.
Reminds you of a movie or two doesn't it?
NGP=Vita, Move, Sly Racoon IV and more.
We take it to the court and go one on one with Anna.
PALGN heads over to the I.S.A Recruitment Zone.
To keep you occupied during the next delay.
Ueda talks. Everyone listens.
A third-person shooter set to punish your gaming skills.
Shaun has a go on the skateboard.
The master of dismemberment.
Returning to the arcades.
Rock 'em SOCOM.
A return to true form.
The LittleBigPlanet just got a whole lot bigger.
Helghan belongs to the Helghast.

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