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Why this could be the best Sonic compilation yet.
The GBA series 'advances' to the GCN.
Finally, Capcom's crazed creation is under a month away from release: PALGN takes one last, longing look.
The greatest Sonic compilation of all time is coming to Xbox and PS2. PALGN takes an extended look at the game.
Gaming's First Lady prepares to journey into the dark world.
We take a look inside Mario’s all new paper adventure.
PALGN takes a deeper look into Capcom's new Resident Evil game. Now with screenshots.
The game that ushered in a new genre makes a comeback, this time on GameCube.
PALGN goes golfing with Mario. Hands on impressions of the US retail version.
We go hands on with the US retail version of this insanely fast and difficult racer.
The game where "You can do what you want, when you want, where you want."
We've got our grubby little mits on the final version of the Gamecube version of Soul Calibur II. Hands-on impressions inside.
The next entry in the most popular karting series ever is headed to the Gamecube in a little over 2 months. PALGN investigates...
After four days of nothing but the Wind Waker, stonedwal believes it is time to bless the masses with his impressions.
Continuing his bevy of US GC game impressions, stonedwal gives Sonic Mega Collection the hands-on treatment.
stonedwal goes hands on with the US version of Metroid Prime, and subsequently gets a sizeable bounty placed on his head from all the jealous Nintendo fans.
stonedwal goes hands on with the US import version.

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