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Blood and guts and vindication.
Yet another reason why you should never leave your couch.
We can safely say by this point that this DLC wasn't hidden on the disc.
For Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
Old school shmup and RPG heaven.
Sweet, gory victory.
Another television crime drama gets the adaptation treatment.
Like a snake out of the grass.
Ryu on the go.
A classic returns.
Third time's the charm?
OG Crysis.
This is what you call collectible.
Oh, and Driver Club too.
There's room for only one Snake, and... a few other characters.
Infinite manliness.
Persona 4 Portable, Persona 5 and a Persona 4 fighting game!
To be released as a standalone disc.
As a downloadable title.
Prepare the wallet for August 22.
Take it for a test drive.
There's more life left in this cowboy.
Damn you Jackie!
Sure, we love schoolgirls.
Namco Bandai is getting pretty good at this...

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