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And that's the end of that chapter!
Going sky high once more.
Up, up and awaaaaayyyyyy!
Nintendo of Europe on the case.
An old game for the new year.
Take Command'o your gaming today.
Splash out on some games today!
Celebrating the legend.
Master of Pullboxing.
A bounty of games locked in to chase after.
Samus gonna download this week.
This is how we roll.
Feeling like we've been snookered this week?
A little bit of Adventure.
Pretty self explanatory
Another chapter.
It's a trap!
Escape reality today with Golden Coins and Swords.
Upwards and onwards.
With housing and the main story detailed.
Abuzz with excitement.
This update's Mega, Man!
A magical prize.
Time for a change.
Beginning in Victoria and with some Skyward Sword.
Having the time of your life?
Going Old School.
Shower your Wii in golden bliss.
You'll have a bit of a Quest for yourselves finding a game this week...

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