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Raiders of the Lost Zoroark.
Gotta win them all?
Extra large and extra cheap.
Guess it's time to learn Japanese.
Who can catch this beast?
Another reason to use your DS's Wi-Fi.
Apparently we really do want to catch them all.
Three candles on the cake.
If you're thinking about an Eevee, it don't matter if you get Black or White.
Because fighting with plastic blocks is fun!
Are you one of the three million?
So how long will we have to wait?
Ready to lose yourself in some puzzles?
You can stop looking under that truck now...
Chain and rechain memories only to recode them later.
Time to grab those thinking caps again.
Three new shades inbound.
Frantic heroes of the farm.
Portable Warfare for the DS.
Swansong of Cing.
We hope you own a DS.
The king of hearts returns.
Will there ever be a final Final Fantasy?
UPDATE: At least in North America.
From one to three.
Maxwell goes Super Scribblenaut 2!
Told you so.
You don't say....
Not as much as you'd think.

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