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A different mission.
A legend walks his own path.
Get strategic.
And hints at the next game.
Number Five is Alive.
Face off against the worst scum in the universe.
Time to stand up and fight.
Regarding the Japanese launch.
BYO ocarina.
Uh oh...
The more the merrier.
Blue creatures going to charity.
Sweaty hands? Problem solved.
Sony's loving life.
Everybody finally agrees.
The local industry grows significantly smaller.
Life on hold.
Sony becomes a little more inFamous.
No longer vacant.
Get ready to dust off your 3DS.
With stickers!
Changes / Nothing.
Cue N64 fan-boys simultaneously crapping their pants.
Gamers and drinkers rejoice!
Well, kind of.
The Shenmue dream takes another blow.
A reasonable guesstimation.

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