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Wii look awesome.
Two hundred combinations to ensure you never get bored.
Animal companions ahoy.
A new filler arc.
Same concept, different look.
Adventures of squee.
Water water everywhere.
Cute overload.
For Eurocom, James?
Slaps only.
From the United States.
Has all the awesome of Sonic Unleashed minus the Werehog.
Step into the light.
"What's that? I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am!"
Will it make our shores?
The latest from Team Ninja, still with less breast.
Is Mickey epic enough for you yet?
Complete with terrible music.
Bwaaaaing through the ages.
This Wiiware's going to be heavy.
Across the corpse of a dead god.
*Pow* *bang* *boom* *crash*
Bashing enemies with super powers.
Boom shaka laka!
Now these are some killer moves!
So you had a bad day.
Crazy little cars.
Ghosts and bumps in the night.
Plumbing ain't easy.
Check out the customisation options in the game.

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