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Song of time and time again.
Load out before you go out.
Face Radiers, with bugs.
Get it now if you have a 3D machine.
My heartstrings are being yanked so hard right now.
You'd better watch out...
Hey man, it's Rayman!
3D goals are coming.
Nine minutes of taking turns.
What's on the horizon?
With some Driver: Renegade screenshots for good measure.
Wittle wabbits in thwee dimensions.
Stepping out of the dark in 3D.
I've seen this somewhere before...
Beta baby.
Follow the light.
3D > Physics?
Ton of footage.
New dimension but looks familiar.
Showing off the 3DS and PSP versions.
Start your engines!
Bouncing through history.
Care for some Claire?
3D gimmickry included.
The party begins.
All aboard the Love Boat.
That's the third dimension, buddy.

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