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Damn it Square, words don't work that way!
This Katamari is much too small. Vita-sized. We need bigger.
We don't know what they're saying but it's probably something about crystals.
Heihachimus Prime
Never getting localised, but what the hell.
Still on track for a 2011 PAL release.
Lots of characters. Lots of cutscenes. Lots of Japanese.
Illusions, Michael!
No need to compensate here.
Preaching peace, love, and arse kicking nirvana.
The latest on Team Ninja's re-imagining.
Here comes the Payne!
Featuring wads of gunk.
Big Boss cracking skulls (not literally).
With bonus Skyward Sword trailer at the end.
Showing off the new features and a new Clover.
Welcome to the jungle.
Another glimpse at DICE's shooter.
Your princess is in another castle.
T&A Virus.
Great timing!
Not a typo.
A town like Alice.
It's a 'bloody' good affair.
So close...so very close.
Koming very, very soon...
Oh my.

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