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Luke covers the issues regarding Resident Evil 4 going to the PS2 and the PSP / DS war.
November looks like this...
Updated weekly, with release dates for all the big titles.
We're fairly confident we have the Japanese PSP release date, price and launch titles - rejoice! The final word for all the naysayers on GTA: San Andreas - is it cut or isn't it?
Quicksave? It’s for the meek!
San Andreas is out this week... Does any other title matter?
Survival horror at its best.
Short doesn't mean bad.
A game! Featuring plastic Kongas! Featuring a Monkey (ape)! Featuring frantic friends and family pounding the silly toy in your living room! Mainstream gaming nirvana! But we’ve been here before, so I’ll be at the bar.
Gran Turismo 4 DELAYED?!?!?
PALGN promised sequel returns, this time taking a look at the 10 lamest videogame characters of all time.
Metal Gear Solid 3 and a Pikmin II date revealed...
THQ wants your money and it's all good - unless you actually already paid for the game. Think publishers really care? I think some will sell your mother in packaging if they could...
How many times have you played a game and felt like you want to give up after being killed way too easily? Conversely, how many have you played where you finish it way too fast?
PALGN takes a look at the 10 toughest hardest “is that all you got” videogame characters of all time.
It’s been said before.
Been there, done that.
WARNING: Big Release list, San Andreas CONFIRMED for a release this month, ESPN to see a release in Australia (at a budget price or not?) and a final Gran Turismo 4 date confirmed... later than expected.
We cover the last quarter of gaming. Large coverage of the top ten titles you should walk over your mother to play.
Another big month, as PALGN posts over 100 articles. See what the future holds for PALGN inside.
License games will one day rule the world. No, not really, but they will win Game of the Year awards – one day.
List updated weekly. With all the release dates for the biggest titles.
PALGN takes a trip down memory lane, to revisit some memorable video game characters.
How a small-time British developer is attempting to bridge the cultural gap between East and West.
PSTwo unveiling in under a week? Fable 1.5 in development?
If the competition were a 1600m race, we would have just reached the 1000m mark. Let's see how things are going. Question Updated.
As costs of development threaten to outgrow game audiences, developers could be tempted to play things safer than ever before...
Big San Andreas Delay? Final Price Point for the PSP? PALGN investigates...
Why have black markets thrived under the watchful eye of Sony and Square Enix?

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