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Bigger, Better, Bolder, Online. TimeSplitters returns.
Put on that bracelet one last time as the .hack saga draws to a close.
We preview the sequel to one of last year's best titles.
Enter "The World" again in the third game of the .hack series. Time to don the Data Draining bracelet again...
Could Juiced beat Need for Speed: Underground at its own game?
We take a step inside the frightening world of Konami’s Silent Hill franchise.
Hands-on Impressions: Sony gives us a taster of their long awaited and hugely anticipated Gran Turismo 4 with GT4 Prologue
We preview the next big racing game from Microsoft.
We take a look inside Mario’s all new paper adventure.
We round up all the information currently known about the next game in the GTA franchise.
Arg! Land ahoy me hardies. Toby Gard’s long awaited pirate adventure is actually shaping up to be pretty impressive.
We preview Naughty Dog's Jak III.
We preview the upcoming platformer from Sega.
Studio London seem to have done it again.
Mortal Kombat will return, with more blood than ever. Oh, and online capabilities.
We preview one of 2004's most anticipated titles.
Blizzard makes its first move towards the console limelight with a new, but slightly different StarCraft title.
Spider-man does everything a spider can, but will this game let you do everything Spider-man can? PALGN investigates.
We continue our AFL coverage with a preview of the long awaited game (with screenshots).
Yeah, alright, Xbox Live is cool. But when is the Live killer app coming. Halo 2 just might be it!
PALGN takes a deeper look into Capcom's new Resident Evil game. Now with screenshots.
We take an extended look at the next big racing game of 2004.
We preview the next big game from Reflections.
Since it's arriving in a few months, we thought it'd be nice to pump a preview out.
Square and Disney fanboys rejoice yet again.
Prepare to get stealthy. And hungry.
We all know you want this. Do yourself a favour and click.
There's more to this preview than meets the eye.
PALGN brings you some hands on impressions on how Jennifer Garner handles in this new PS2/Xbox game.
Metroid: Zero Mission US import gets a thorough play.

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