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PALGN goes "hands-on" with the latest Juiced demo. Maybe it's best this game doesn't see a release....
PALGN goes "hands-on" with Blinx 2 over 2 months before its release. A CATaclysmic failure? (sorry..) or a 5D revolution? PALGN tells all.
Retro gaming is coming back!
Will the Eyetoy be just as innovative this time?
It's time to party?
Super PALGN hyper edition takes a look at the upcoming Street Fighter Anniversary Collection.
PALGN loads the rocket launcher and takes a look at the upcoming Xbox shooter: Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict
We go Underground and hands on with Need For Speed: Underground 2.
PALGN steps into the wonderful world of Disney to take a sneak-peek at the next Kingdom Hearts instalment for the GBA.
PALGN goes hands on with Silent Hill 4: The Room.
Psi-Ops could be one of the most surprising games of 2004. Find out why inside.
We go hands on with the Bandicoot's latest outing.
PALGN takes a sneak peak at BioWare's upcoming role-playing game for the Xbox.
Killzone - can it really be the Playstation 2 exclusive that puts Halo in its place? PALGN investigates.
Sly returns and this time he's got friends.
The next installment in the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series is on the horizon, but can Neversoft really offer anything new, after five previous titles in the series?
Gaming's First Lady prepares to journey into the dark world.
We go hands on with the PC version of Eidos' make or break Vietnam war effort.
PALGN goes hands-on with Pathway To Glory. Killer App for the N-Gage or massive flop in the making? We deliver the verdict.
We take an extended look at the next entry in the Dragonball Z series.
PALGN goes hands-on with the third-person action/adventure title from TimeSplitters developers Free Radical.
Here's one you won't have heard: it's the new Grand Theft Auto!
Ultimate fighter or quick remake? We preview the upcoming title from Team Ninja.
The Sims hit the city as EA's franchise takes an urban twist.
PALGN dons it's stealth suit and slips into the shadows to investigate the third title in the Splinter Cell series
2004's most exhilarating ride is on the starting grid.
Off-road and online: the king of rally games skids into view.
Ratchet and Clank are back and are joined by new friends, foes and challenges.
Bond. James Bond.
We take a look at Need For Speed Underground 2, The sequel to one of the best selling titles of last year.

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