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Another week, another arcade racer.
Proof that the 2D shooter is far from dead.
The long awaited Game of the Year contender from Rockstar finally hits PS2!
Sly's back.
PALGN takes Sony's little rally wonder (or should that be blunder?) for a spin.
Also known as TOCA Race Driver 2 for those non Australian folks. Does it have what it takes to hang with the big boys?
It's Sega's turn to take on the Eyetoy.
PALGN delivers the world's first verdict.
Shoot the TV or shoot yourself? Decisions Decisions....
Guess who's back?
Time for Tony to put away his skateboard? PALGN tells all...
Those Vietcong ain't got nothin' on us.
Could this game be the next PlayStation 2 racing tour-de-force?
Square Enix change the traditional mould of the Final Fantasy games by changing the number of players from 1 to several thousand.
PALGN hits the decks to see if this DJ wannabe is DJ Groovy or DJ Goofy.
All is not good in the Netherworld - PALGN indulges in some tactical RPGing to clean things up.
Formula One 2004, Chequered flag or DNF?
Roll up for the cult title of 2004.
1st place or disqualified? We deliver the verdict on the official game of the Athens 2004 olympics.
Have Studio London done it again?
The MX series continues with it's latest incarnation, MX Unleashed. Does it top the podium, or struggle to even finish?
.hack finally arrives in the first of four RPG installments to PS2, but does it have an uphill struggle against the established kings of the RPG genre?
Australia's first review of Premiership Edition. Is it any good?
Tak = Jak in disguise? Full review of Avalanche's wacky animal-based platformer!
After Virtua Fighter 4's release many wondered if AM2 could improve upon perfection. Is Evolution worth the admission price or just an attempt at a quick buck?
Rather than trying to discover the exact contents of Scooby Snacks, PALGN decided to bring you this review.
PALGN rises to consider the spelling of Honour in this review of Jet Li's new PS2 game.
The first ever Final Fantasy sequel is released - how does it compare to its predecessor?
PALGN takes up a new Alias in order to smuggle out this review.
Mafia is a great game, but this isn't the version you want to play.

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