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After a rather lengthy wait, Sonic Mega Collection has finally made its way to our shores, but was it actually worth the wait?
Unreal Championship brings it’s frag fest mayhem to Xbox but can it last the distance with Halo?
Xbox doesn't have a stand-out RPG in its line-up but Morrowind does its upmost best to fill the void.
Killer app or killer pap? Microsoft's big gun of the Xbox lineup reviewed.
Another year, another Madden.
The first game to include "every genre", or just another mediocre platform romp with very little to offer?
Angry ex-cop seeks revenge on people involved in the murder of a loved one. We've all played it before, but that doesn't mean it still isn't fun.
A 3D shooter, made by a Sega sub-division specialising in music games, eighteen months in the making and dedicated to the Russian abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky? How can you NOT be interested?
Is this review really here? Perhaps it's just a sanity effect. Nintendo and Silicon Knights' mature thriller finally reviewed!
Rage's high profile boxing game has finally released! Can Rocky go the distance, or will he remain just another bum?
The third member of the Gran Turismo family. Does it live up to its forefathers, or does it skid off into the sandtrap? Full review inside...
A terrorist faction is intent on destroying America, and as a Splinter Cell, it is your job to stop them. Will you accept the challenge?
After a fall from grace, is it possible for the Mortal Kombat series to prove it is a serious contender in the fighting game genre once again?
The sequel to Criterion's hit racer burns up the competition on the Playstation 2.
Can The Clone Wars break the worrysome flow of poor Star Wars games? Begun, this review has.
We dig deep into the PS2's classic games basket to bring you the review of one of the best snowboarding games ever ceated, SSX!
Hawk skated into the hearts of the video-gamers with his video-game debut in 1998. Tony Hawk's Skateboarding was a wonderful combo of insanely good playability, ear-pleasing music and thumb-wrecking, all-around madness. Now Hawk is back for the second time.
A new extreme sports game skates onto the GameCube.
Naughty Dog's new platforming heroes have hit the Platinum range, but is the title actually worth $50?
One movie to game conversion to rule them all! Stormfront Studios and EA team up to finally bring some justice to The Lord of the Rings games.
As the game-based sequel to the 1982 film, is The Thing any good, or just more license based mediocrity?
Squaresoft and Disney combine to deliver an epic adventure that not only is a creative feat but also shows off both the vast worlds of Disney and the immense talent of Squaresoft.
The Playstation 2 Platinum range has launched, and Tekken Tag is amongst them. Does the two year old brawler still have what it takes?
JSRF - a futuristic, cel-shaded, rocket-powered, rollerblading grafitti game with a thumping techno soundtrack! Game concepts don't get much better than that!
The good ol' Zombie is back with a brand new make-up - but has the new look been worth the price of submission?
Blinx is a kitty on a mission! In the world's first 4D Platformer, he must use his vacuuming skills to save the world!
For 4 years this has been the most anticipated game for PS2. Will it live up to the hype?
Captain Olimar is in a dire situation - He has crash landed on an alien planet, and has only 30 days until his life support runs out! Will you help him?
With Anti-Rareware sentiment running rampant among Nintendo Fanboys, many have decided to boycott their final Gamecube game. Is their decision justified?
The TimeSplitters are back in this bigger, better, faster and more furious sequel to the PS2's favourite shooter. Let the fun begin...

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