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You say you want a revolution?
This review may contain scenes which are violent or may be considered cruel.
The latest title in one of the longest running and most popular gaming series of all time makes its GameCube debut. Check out the full cel-shaded review inside.
Big cities, fast cars, hot girls and miserable AI. Welcome to the world of illegal street racing.
Wolverine should also seek revenge on the developer of this game.
This PAL-only Xbox title may be one of the best looking games this generation, but we all know that you can't judge a book by its cover.
Should you dismiss Ruby and Sapphire as mere rehashes, or is there more to these games than meets the eye?
Unfortunately, nobody can tell you how much of a mixed bag Enter the Matrix is - you have to see it for yourself.
Big, round and bouncy. We're talking about volleyballs, pervert.
The Venus Lighthouse has been lit. Idejima is floating aimlessly across the Great Eastern Sea. Now more than ever, Weyard needs a hero. Are you ready to once again wield the power of Psynergy?
It's another lightgun shooter! With dinosaurs! That has to be fun, right? In one word: No. In a thousand words:
Three games, one cartridge, nice price. But are they any good? Well, that just depends... but I'm smiling.
We must ask ourselves what we did to deserve this crap in the first place, let alone a port of it to another system one year later.
It's Metal Gear Solid 2, but this time there's actually a bit of gameplay in there.
Another reason why games and Hollywood need to be kept apart.
Konami have just released the third game in their long running soccer series. Can the arcadey gameplay of ISS fit in with the likes of PES and FIFA?
Sega's third zombie blasting game has finally reached the PAL shores. Does the series fit in at home, or should it have stayed in the arcade?
Capcom comes up with a very polished and entertaining game, that is twice as fun as its prequel.
The monkeys are back and up to no good once again. Catch the little buggers before they take over the world!
Metroid Prime has landed in PAL land after a seemingly endless wait - but is it the killer-app we all so desperately want, or just another average game?
When a mysterious virus called 'X' infects the Biologic Space Lab, Samus Aran is once again called in to save the day...
Reckon you're pretty good at gaming? This baby will sort you out. Only the hardcore need apply.
Capcom has taken some risks with the sequel to possibly the best action game ever made, but couldn't quite come out with a masterpiece.
When Mario, Dr. Mario, Luigi and Bowser fight each other on the roof of Princess Peach's castle, it has to be interesting. And believe me, it is.
Thar be dragons here!
In celebration of the fact the sequel is days away, we thought we might pull the original out of the vault and give it a run through.
Star Wars Starfighter may have been one of the good early titles for the Playstation 2, but has it aged very well?
Insomniac have managed to bring a breath of fresh air into the platforming genre, with a witty, innovative and above all, fun game to play.
PALGN.com is recapping an old classic from Microsoft and Bizarre-Creations to correspond with the release of Project Gotham’s sequel.
Resident Evil 0 has finally landed in the PAL regions after an excruciating wait. It's actually pretty good, too.

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