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Senior Nintendo rep confident that Revolution controller could clinch top spot.
A wrap up of Iwata's speech - plus images of Revolution's controller, as well as an explanation of how it works. Video Footage Included.
Twilight Princess to be the 'last Zelda as we know it'.
Internet rumours suggest so...
Molyneux and Naka both excited by new Nintendo pad.
And why not? Everyone else is.
The final episode in the Prime trilogy, says Retro.
'First' Revolution shots revealed as hoaxes by cunning internet types.
Official magazine Nintendo Power says it's likely...
Nintendo of America speaks...
The possibility of downloading old Sega games too?
Nintendo president concedes that next console may be last to market.
Nintendo promise to beat PS3 and Xbox 360 on price.
And numerous developers have seen it, says Reggie.
Revolution classic game downloads to have new looks?
Internet postings spark debate over what's inside Nintendo's latest box.
Nintendo classics will command a fee.
'We're having fun,' says Shiggy.
Miyamoto speaks out on PS3 and Xbox 360.
More third-party support confirmed for Nintendo's next-gen machine.
Getting a Revolution? Love Animal Crossing?
We've got more images of the Revolution, including the logo.
This one's a puzzle alright! Details direct from the conference.
Does this confirm the name?
We have the image of the console and the first details.
Will you be joining us?
That's right, next-gen news that isn't from Microsoft.
Release date for Nintendo's new console leaked.
Satoru Iwata drops hints on Revolution, and upcoming DS games and Wi-Fi capabilities.

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