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IGN seems to think so.
Exclusively black-and-white title heading for Rev.
"A new video game experience", promises Ubi.
Also: Rev could come with two controllers as standard.
The first details on the Revolution's sword and gun FPS.
US mag suggests so.
Strong DS sales and a weak yen have left the house of Mario rolling in cash.
"People expect to see them."
Also: Nintendo comments on Revolution specs claim.
Anonymous developers reveal all.
Nintendo head plays down prospect of advertising in Rev games.
PAL gamers could still have to wait.
Fancy a bit of Mega Drive?
Miyamoto on the PS3 launch and what it means for the Revolution.
Pray, just pray...
First third-party developer officially comes on board.
But praises Nintendo anyway.
Looks like we won't have to wait till E3 after all.
Revolution global in 06, Merrick replacement and Zelda regurgitation.
We're guessing these won't be the last we'll see.
It's not RE5 but at least it's something
About releases and prices.
The Revolution graphics card gets a going over.
He will be missed.
I think we can safely say we are confused.
So how much will it be?
At Nintendo's Pre-E3 press conference.
But only in Japan. And not really...
'Irrelevant,' says Jim Merrick.
Nintendo of Europe's Jim Merrick talks Revolution and DS online features.

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