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New Fire Emblem title coming.
Information round-up.
Some don't have names yet, but that's a lot of games!
Direct from the Nintendo press conference.
Wario comes to the Wii.
Looks the same, plays totally differently...
For traditional and Virtual Console games.
First (small) screen inside!
GameCube game will not have Wii controlls, whilst Wii version will.
Nintendo Wii to 'never shut down.'
And apparently still more secrets to be revealed...
"More fun for less money", promises Reggie.
Sonic's first solo adventure since 1991 announced.
Aonuma shows off archery skills.
Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Direct from Square.
Downhill Jam to use the controller differently...
Slice and dice like it's House's day off!
Tony Hawk to appear twice this year, as well as a sneak peak at Spider-man 3.
All three confirmed by an unlikely source.
To develop for, says THQ.
Nintendo uses website to create hype.
First screenshot of a Wii game inside!
May be the big thing at E3 for Konami.
What else is in there?
Who would have guessed?
Monkey Ball to be there for the launch again?
With some new details.
Looks like more of the same...
And for PS2 as well.
And explores the 360 and PSP.

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