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Unique strategy game from acclaimed independent developer.
And it's ready for beta testing!
But Eidos has IP.
Cross-realm battlegrounds just one of the new features.
Half-Life 2 upgraded, difficulty downgraded.
Not the OFLC.
Demo to be released next week.
The show, by the way.
Fight the world all over again.
Just what the Chaos gods ordered.
Draenei set to become playable.
Live on the go.
To the home PC.
First expansion due later this year.
Including new details, as well as the new playable race.
We've heard it's quite a popular game.
Tiberium Wars anyone?
Is Boris returning?
Like it's hot.
And releases a new patch as well.
HD shots and video from new game by Far Cry creator.
Everybody has a little dirty laundry.
Looks like we'll be losing even more sleep.
With the Sims, of course.
Every blockbuster has a sequel.
What a bizarre turn of events.
The 'spiritual sequel' to his movie, Hard Boiled.
So says a Valve designer.
New maps for all.
Giant robots are always fun.

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