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It's gonna be fun when we solve science.
Creating a rift in your finances.
Plenty of bargains to eradicate your cash flow.
Kate! We have to go back!
A Crysis for your credit card.
All good things come in threes.
Reaper invasion postponed due to erratic Melbourne weather.
Packing more punch than your six shooter.
Does yours make the cut?
More swords and horses than you can shake a stick at.
That was...fast.
You'll never escape.
The Easter Bunny goes Metro.
It's full of stars.
Mummy hears baby's cries
Max Payne and Sam Fisher go under the hammer.
Frankly, I do give a damn.
Find a couple of bone crunching bargains within.
Delay your dungeon crawling.
Reach for the stars.
I...am RAT MAN!
Thanks for the moneys.
Corridor, cut-scene, corridor, explosion, cut-scene, etc.
The future is almost now!
I didn't invent the time machine for financial gain.
Is indie, is good.
Because this makes total sense.
Race in for a bargain.

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