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What, you thought that the home consoles would only be getting one version of EA's moneymaker? First screenshot inside.
...although it's not quite what you'd think...
All-purpose lobbies sound cool, but the media player sounds even better.
This series is definitely alive. Cough.
Armed & Dangerous – guaranteeing players a victory in 12,000 bullets or less!
Electronic Arts to develop and publish games based on the Superman license.
Ever wanted to be in Bush's shoes? If so, you better check your health. In good shape or not, here's your chance to wage a war.
Mostly sequels, and they're looking jolly fine, indeed.
Microsoft Game Studios has revealed Voodoo Vince, a game like no other...
The sequel to one of the most awaited games of the past few years is heading to the Xbox.
Raven has released new information on the upcoming follow-up to Jedi Outcast for Xbox.
The Harry Potter franchise keeps on rollin'.
Futuristic shooting ahoy, courtesy of Activision.
Will it be a repeat of The Simpsons Road Rage, or the first game to break the stereotype of Licence-Based mediocrity?
Robots ahoy!
All three home consoles get a dose of Buffy and co. Check out the first screenshots inside.
The list includes Arx Fatalis, Pilot Down and X-treme Beach Soccer.
Namco will be debuting the 3D action game based on Todd McFarlane's comicbook character at E3.
It's third-person action time!
Capcom have released new screens for the upcoming Xbox game!
A limited edition translucent green Xbox console will be available in Europe from May 2nd. Head inside for images and info!
Goodbye to the large control pad, the standard Xbox controller will now become the controller S.
AKA Acclaim announces the soundtrack for its extreme moto racer.
Don't like your boring black Xbox? Now is you chance to upgrade to a shiny new green one.
The new downloads will feature new mechs, new maps and a new game mode!
Microsoft announce the success of Live in Europe, with over 50,000 gamers using the service after one month.
MotoGP 2 for Xbox recieves accolades from Climax, one of the world's leading developers of interactive entertainment.
14 fresh screenshots of the upcoming violent shooter inside
Microsoft strap on some skates and attempt to fight their way into the ice hockey genre.
Everybody's favourite green comic book hero is coming to all 3 major consoles.

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