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Zelda's producer on realistic graphics, voiced dialogue and videogames as business.
Mario is now a superstar at baseball.
...and it's in Scotland.
Capcom want to hear from you.
Trailer, screenshots and information.
Calm down, Europeans.
Kirby returns.
First details inside.
Looking for a game to buy?
Is this the new generation of Advance Wars?
Which means new details about the highly anticipated Zelda title.
Sonic CD, Sonic R and much more announced for Sega's upcoming compilation. First screenshots inside.
Most likely a goal for Nintendo.
Break it down with Mario.
If you missed the event, don’t worry because we provide you with all the trailers of upcoming games for the NDS, GBA and Gamecube.
We’ve got the official release dates for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Mario Kart DS, Pokémon X-D: Gale of Darkness and much much more.
Just in case you missed it...
Latest Mario Party title to support up to Eight players. First images revealed.
New screenshots that'll make you jump with joy.
New Sonic compilation announced, and apparently it’s a Gamecube exclusive.
And title confirmed....
We've got the first screenshots of Pokemon X-D.
What does Nintendo have in store for gamers next year?
Nintendo are currently running a competition in Australia which involves some great goodies.
Nintendo Australia is set to provide us with the latest news from the E3
One of the largest video game companies to merge with Japan's largest toy company.
Broardcom to supply the Nintendo Revolution's Wi-Fi technology.
It won't be long now before everyone can play as their favourite wheelchair-bound assassin.
Just like every Nintendo fanboy's dream.
Nintendo of Europe announce an end of April release date for the return of Fox McCloud and the team.

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