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It's over 9,000... well, maybe not.
Now with manga artwork and puzzles.
Drive around the world alone or with friends.
Gotta catch a bargain.
Poke remakes on the way.
Sims turn secret agents.
All the fun of LEGO without having to clean up after you finish playing.
Nintendo's bank account gets bigger.
DSi camera support included.
Mama gets out of the kitchen.
Decided to upgrade? Check out our price guide and find out where the best deals are.
DSi what now?
Out this year, apparently.
Where to go and where to avoid.
For 1200 picarats, what's the luckiest country on Earth?
April 2 - three days before the US launch.
Another TV tie-in.
Apparently far bigger than PSP GTAs.
UPDATE: Australian date now confirmed.
February's going to be epic.
Touch-based detective fun.
Yep, another classic revamped for the dual screen handheld.
DSiNews, DSDiary, DSTime, DSShopping, DSMap, etc...
Teaming up with Nikkei Inc. to create economy software.
Current DS flashcarts not working.
Take a look at what you'll be jamming to.
Another classic re-tooled for the DS.
Has you fantasy come true?

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