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Says Xbox Japan president.
SNES Classic to receive re-release. This time with some extra goodies.
Over before it even begins to get fun.
It's Gun-na be great.
Time to dust off the GBA or the Genesis?
Sonic's last outing on the Gameboy Advance - is it the best yet?
And we get two new DS colours.
Pacman's back but is the game out of this world?
Only for 99.99€ too.
For Europe, this September. Excited?
It took Nintendo's biggest gun to bring us a decent handheld title.
The 13th...in Japan at least.
How to make a bad game worse?
Don't party on.
Coming soon to the DS?
Now where's that Australian date?
PALGN's lowest score ever?
So whats this Gizmondo thing everyones talking about?
We've got the first shots.
How in the world is this game going to work?
Final Fantasy in the palm of your hand.
Believe it or not the N-Gage does have a game on show.
Nintendo unveil their latest GBA device. And it's micro! First Image Revealed!
Finally the sequel every Treasure fan wants!
SquareEnix announces yet another title to feed of the glory of the already spectacular Final Fantasy VII title.
PALGN gets their hands on the world-first screenshots of this GBA title in action.
A batch of new screenshots from the upcoming Tales title headed to the PSP.
The sequel to Rayman 3 is heading to the GBA.
Australia's most comprehensive release list gets even more comprehensive with release dates for titles you didn't even know were in development, as well as the latest Nintendo DS release list.
PALGN is the only place you will be able to find out what the Nintendo DS launch titles will be.

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