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Mad Catz announce a new range of Gameboy Advance SP peripherals and accessories.
Squaresoft's Playonline.com has put up a few small pics of their upcoming title.
Sega and Nintendo reveals their next joint project.
Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed a NEW Zelda game for the GBA!
No, not the Movie, but a company who produces low-cost, high-density 3D Integrated Circuits.
More "excellence" in marketing from our favourite local branch.
Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Metroid. Need I say more?
A seemingly full-page magazine advertisement was today scanned and posted on NewTechnix.com, a french gaming site.
Don't feel like waiting for your Game Boy Player? You're in luck! Import-friendly news inside...
Japanese gamers really love the new Nintendo hardware.
Retailers and Nintendo's official site have added Spyro: Season of Wind to their release lists for later this year.
Play-Asia has ripped a GBA SP-unit apart. See the gory screenshots inside!
Famitsu reveal that Japan will be getting an improved version of Metroid Fusion, with features that weren't in the PAL version.
SEGA has decided to back Nokia in its project to develop the N-Gage by giving them killer titles. Look inside for more information. Also, Activision confirm thier support.
Nokia showcases its new N-gage half mobile, half handheld console device.
Squaresoft’s first RPG game for the GBA screens reveal from scans from a recently released Japanese magazine.
Wario's next adventure will give Wario the chance to control his own game business. You can view the intro of the game inside.
A new interesting add-on for the GBA made by new company, AM3.
They're all new, and boy do they look cool.
The boxes for the GBA SP and the consoles themselves displayed in every colour.
The world's most charming troll is back - and this time with his children!
Sonic Advance 2 boxart revealed.
Nintendo annouces the release date for this very popular Franchise!

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