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A port of a GBA classic and an all-new exclusive.
Like RPGs? Buy this game.
I'm not dead yet!
Finally the final Final Fantasy for the GBA is here.
Another one goes mobile.
Kratos will betray your pants pocket.
Is that a murloc in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
The Game Boy lives.
It's final-ly here.
After playing 52-pick-up, we revisit another old favourite.
Is Uno still lots of fun?
As Nokia tries its hand at handheld gaming for a second time.
The GBA isn’t dead yet.
Sega, Capcom and Square among the list.
RPG fans won't like this one.
It's the Mega Drive version of Sonic.
Are you scared of the dark?
An era ends? At least for now.
Details on Microsoft handheld unfold; April release date mooted.
Code-named ‘Origami’.
A solid experience on all accounts.
First look at the game over 7 years in the making.
Namco whets our appetite.
An epic 'Tale' from the "golden age" of RPGs is reborn.
Third time's a charm?
Nintendo’s latest strategy title is hot - on fire, in fact.
Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VI and Mario Basketball announced, as well as new details on Final Fantasy III.
Take an enjoyable stroll through Goku's early adventures.
Nintendo quietly sneaks out a new type of GBA SP.
The original ball shaped hero gets the 'mascot pinball' treatment.

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