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Final Fantasy X-2 website updates with heaps of new images and new features. So get ready for a PALGN PS2 massive media blowout with amazing new cut-scene footage, battle screens, new characters and information.
Internation Superstar Soccer 3 scheduled for May-release
Now sony has decided to give you a little gift when you buy a PS2.
Naughty Dog's new platforming heroes have hit the Platinum range, but is the title actually worth $50?
The song 'Madder' from the popular group Groove Armada will feature as the theme song for Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc.
After Shockwave’s recent article we were able to get our dirty little hands on the latest trailer revealing new features for the PS2 version and three new pictures, also exclusive for the PS2 verison. We suggest you get a towel, this footage is definitely drool worthly.
Ubi Soft have added many new features to the PS2 version of Splinter Cell, and are looking to maximise the full potential of the system.
First comes the black PS2, then coloured PS2's, now come the all-new pastel coloured PS2's!
One movie to game conversion to rule them all! Stormfront Studios and EA team up to finally bring some justice to The Lord of the Rings games.
As the game-based sequel to the 1982 film, is The Thing any good, or just more license based mediocrity?
Some fairly odd collectibles for the die-hard fans of Final Fantasy!
Hideo Kojima reveals in this interview that the third installment of the exellent MGS series is coming to PS2!
Squaresoft and Disney combine to deliver an epic adventure that not only is a creative feat but also shows off both the vast worlds of Disney and the immense talent of Squaresoft.
The Playstation 2 Platinum range has launched, and Tekken Tag is amongst them. Does the two year old brawler still have what it takes?
We've got 32 NEW FFX-2 PICTURES, captured directly from the most recent trailer (also available).
For 4 years this has been the most anticipated game for PS2. Will it live up to the hype?
The TimeSplitters are back in this bigger, better, faster and more furious sequel to the PS2's favourite shooter. Let the fun begin...
The sequel to the chart-topping Grand Theft Auto III makes it's face known. But is Vice City any match for it's bigger brother?
The all-conquering Grand Theft Auto III. Why the hell is everybody raving about this game?

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