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Resident Evil 0 has finally landed in the PAL regions after an excruciating wait. It's actually pretty good, too.
Nintendo and EA are combining to bring 20 games to the GameCube, with planned GBA Connectivity!
After a rather lengthy wait, Sonic Mega Collection has finally made its way to our shores, but was it actually worth the wait?
Nintendo confirm that the bundle will make it to Australia.
To celebrate the March 21st launch of Metroid Prime in Europe, Nintendo has created a unique competition with some very cool prizes...
Looks like we'll be battling against AAS-126 WeiBbirke's and AAS-04 Ranke's... Riiiight...
Straight from the big kahuna's mouth!
Nintendo loves you. And, after waiting four months for the GameCube's biggest blockbuster, you deserve their love. You know you do.
The GameCube version of Conflict: Desert Storm is due to hit European shelves in April this year in order to boost sales during the "lucrative Easter holiday period".
Yesterday's rumour has now been confirmed!
Could Nintendo's future survival really depend on whether they withdraw from the console race? One analyst thinks so...
Ubi Soft announces that it will bring the Gamecube and Game Boy Advance versions of Harvest Moon to Europe in October.
Look inside and find out how upgrades and the information bar works!
Miyamoto snipes at terrorists while standing on scaffolding! Or, alternatively, just reveals that you will soon be able to do just that. It's almost the same.
PALGN unveil 10 new screens from the GCN version of Criterion's highly acclaimed console racer Burnout 2.
Nintendo is releasing a bundle with Retro Studio's amazing Metroid Prime.
Come in and have a look at some NEW screens of Square's GameCube Final Fantasy game!
Vanessa Z. Schneider has now had photos taken with her new suits!
Not a Sonic Adventure successor, either.
In other news, the sun will rise and set tomorrow.
First shots of the upcoming Kirby title for the GC!!
First shots of Nintendo's upcoming sequel to Pikmin!!!
By the release of the long-awaited game, 5,000,000 Euros will have been used on marketing, promoting and advertisement across Europe.
Japanese magazine Famitsu just revealed some interesting information about Vanessa and and her skin-tight attire.
Continuing his bevy of US GC game impressions, stonedwal gives Sonic Mega Collection the hands-on treatment.
LucasArts recently released a neat batch of conceptual art and character models from their upcoming "Combat Role-Playing Game", as well as two new character classes.
stonedwal goes hands on with the US version of Metroid Prime, and subsequently gets a sizeable bounty placed on his head from all the jealous Nintendo fans.
Today, at Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street in the center of London, the man himself made an appearance that will be remembered for a long time.
stonedwal goes hands on with the US import version.
Is this review really here? Perhaps it's just a sanity effect. Nintendo and Silicon Knights' mature thriller finally reviewed!

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