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Bouncing through history.
Ubisoft dig their fingers into the 3D market.
*Insert token 'Yo Dawg' reference here*.
Bang for your buck or a whole lot of suck?
No! The canon is ruined!
If you can be bothered staying up.
No, they don't make more sense. They make less.
These boots were made for walking.
Care for some Claire?
3D gimmickry included.
We hope you can print money.
On your puny, inferior 2D monitor.
The party begins.
All aboard the Love Boat.
Downward Dog in 3D.
With a bit of blue on the ball.
A Mario for all seasons.
May contain unhealthy amounts of awesome.
Any objections?
Gloomy asylum or lush jungles?
Dub-step 3D.
Not for lame pacifists.
First up, Super Monkey Ball.
Stare into it. Go on. I dare ya.
That's the third dimension, buddy.
There's a snake in my smokes.
Fighting, for people on the go.
And some DS love too.

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