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Portable wars recommence early next year.
Touchy feely Drakey.
Convoluted...with style!
Banging balls across different platforms.
Deep tunes, high speeds.
Is that what you call singing?
Work those brain cells.
A portable sack of fun.
Touch repeatedly...yeah, ok.
Your face greets my fist.
Viva la PSVita.
Amazing looks, repetitive hooks.
Showing off some gameplay and awesome music.
3D what?
You can't stop the drop.
A brand new vision for a cult classic.
Sinfully without English.
OK, now they're just making up words.
XOXO, Monster Hunter.
I am afraid that does not concern yet present...?
Just another imitator.
Fourth time's a charm.
If you know your Latin, the title really does make perfect sense.
Truly twisted stuff.
From 13 to 0.
Pulling some of their oldest material from the vault.
At last, the facts arrive.

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